Why REIvolution?
Grow faster and start getting better results today
Why should you consider switching from other Podio CRM's like Investorfuse?
1. You are in control of your system
REIvolution Lite will be installed in your Podio account, rather than being locked in an account you do not own!
You can then use Podio at its full potential and grow your organization how you see fit.
You can also choose your Podio subscription level and/or GlobiFlow account.
2. We deploy and configure everything for you
You won't need to spend countless hours trying to figure out how the heck to configure your brand new system.
Podio can be a beast, and we are among the best at taming that beast :)
We manage all the configuration and deployment on your behalf, so you can focus on what you need to focus: 
Supercharging your Real Estate Investing venture
What is REIvolution?
REIvolution is an Integrated Cloud System
focused on helping Real Estate Investment companies scale & manage their business.
Do Business Like a Pro
All-in-one Platform for All-star Results
REIvolution is a unified system that does everything for you.
It empowers you to make smart decisions and scale your business.
A flexible framework that evolves, adapts and responds to your needs.
Basically, it is a subscription-based software suite that provides you with all the tools you need to grow your real estate venture through the advantages of an all-in-one platform.
Meet the Future of Real Estate
Our Mission is to help real estate investors automate their businesses 
and use data to their advantage, work and communicate more efficiently, 
become more profitable and win back their time.
We deliver on that mission by removing the burden of technology adoption, 
through high-quality software integrations 
and by educating the real estate community.
Increase Your Business Efficiency
Discover Our Process
Get the swiss army knife CRM
Citrix Podio is the backbone of our system
Podio is an extremely flexible and highly customizable online hub suitable for work and communication. 
It excels in areas like CRM, Lead Management and Collaboration. 
It has received numerous awards such as “Best Online Collaboration Software of 2016“ by PCMag.
Leverage all Marketing Channels
Online & Offline Campaigns
The days of marketing in the dark with little data, scattered on a bunch of platforms, can be forgotten.
Now, using REIvolution's powerful and flexible campaign management features, you are able to advertise, measure and improve on all of your preferred marketing channels, such as Direct Mail, PPC, SEO, Radio or TV. Cross-channel advertising can be conducted on an unlimited number of dynamic markets.
Baked-in VoIP Phone System
via smrtPhone for Podio
Bring your organization’s phone system into the 21st century with the first dedicated Podio Phone System. 
A scalable, cost-effective system, designed and built specifically for Podio and seamlessly integrated into REIvolution.
Fortune is in the Follow-up
Introducing the No Lead Left Behind System
Automated follow-up sequences will prevent you from leaving money on the table ever again.
Drip campaigns, texts, voicemails and task management are all included into this system.
Streamline your Documents
Automated Contracts & File Archives
Save time and improve your documents' workflows.
Easy to set up unlimited templates and contracts generation.
Secure digital signatures over the cloud.
If you don't know your numbers, 
you don't have a real business
Our CEO and Department Dashboards are the cherry-on-top ingredients that truly transform your business.
Keep visual track of numerous core metrics in order to maximize profitability.
Get scheduled email reports and turn your company into a data-driven enterprise.
Financial Tracking & Reporting
Assess your company's financial position at a glance and 
make data backed and informed decisions.
Book Keeping
Keep track of every escrow deposit going in and out for reconciliation. Collaborate with your book-keeper on every payment, bill, expense, check or other recurring financial events. Hassle free!

Human Resources
Draw your organization's chart and manage relationships 
with each staff member with ease, track their days off, schedule job interviews and a lot more.
Automated Tasks
Never let a prospect slip through the cracks again! REIvolution's powerful automation keeps your Acquisitions team ahead of the curve.
Buyer Blasts
Increase your conversion rate with Text and Email blasts.
Manage VIP buyers lists.
Premium Customer Support
Our customer happiness team will guide and assist you and your staff from each department along the way!
Welcome Aboard
Unlimited training and onboarding.
Dedicated Account Manager. Free Webinars.
Video tutorials for every component.
Weekly training sessions for all key positions.
We hold your hand all the way to the finish line.
Be a Social Investor!
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