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"Data, not drama!"
Mark Evans DM, Entrepreneur, Best selling author
For years, all the information I needed in my business was there, but trapped in these systems, without an easy way to see
When I saw what the REIvolution team could do with Podio it blew my mind, they figured out how to turn Podio into a LearJet, specifically for a busy real estate investor like me. They set up a fine-tuned machine for us, with some customizations that are unique to my business and added far more automation that we've ever had before.

Mike Hambright, Founder,
It just saved us so much time and really
 helped us streamline our Podio system
I want to thank you for putting together an integration and to make available this awesome Podio system. It's great and one of the things that we've struggled with is putting together automated systems for buyers, sellers or campaigns and you guys have thought of so much more that I even thought to put in or implement myself. So thank you so much and I highly recommend it to anybody who's looking for a kick-butt Podio system.

Jim Zaspel, CEO, EZ Homes
REIvolution was built by investors who've been tweaking their processes and systems for years
So when I look at REIvolution and what they've built there, it was built by investors who've been tweaking their processes and their systems for years and have built up one of the largest wholesaling companies in the country.
There are lots of tech people who build CRMs, but they don't know why a CRM should be built, what types of processes it should support, what the customer base looks like, what the different components need to look like, what the actual business foundation looks like, then it's just not gonna operate as smoothly as one that's designed by an owner-operator.

John Martinez, Owner
Midwest Revenue Group, REI Sales Academy
I'm very impressed with the system
 and I highly recommend it
The thing I love about REIvolution is the fact that Gabe created it for an actual business, he's a real business owner creating millions of dollars in revenue, so he really knows what it takes to build a CRM platform for these real business owners, that's the reason why I love and support REIvolution. Also, his developers,  they're one of the top developers for Podio that I've ever seen or experienced, they were able to do things with our system specifically that our developer that we were currently using wasn't even able to do, so I'm very impressed with the system and I highly recommend it.

Raphael Vargas, CEO, Ace Equity Pros
Get a proven 7 figure real estate investing Podio system
 that takes the guesswork out of managing your company
Stay strong, we got your back
Each step of the way
Active training & onboarding
We train your team by roles or departments for a smooth transition process and we track and report the progress each step of the way.
Each new system has its learning curve
Getting a business that runs itself is no easy task, that is why our team is very involved in all stages of the implementation process.
Hassle-free upgrade from your current setup
Core software, such as CRM or telephony, is vital to any real estate business and we are proactively aware of that.

That's why we designed fail-safe mechanisms and data migration procedures, that seamlessly work under the hood, for a streamlined and smooth upgrade experience.
Systems backed by a team of experts
There’s always a brand-new strategy that it seems all your competitors are using, but you don't have the time and skills to put it together all by yourself.
Technical stuff may overwhelm
That's why we bring expertise from both software and real estate realms, plus a stellar support team with your dedicated account manager.
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Podio Advanced System Buildout ($10,000)
Custom Dashboards - CEO, Marketing, Acquisitions ($12,900)
smrtPhone - Integrated Phone System ($600/yr)
 REIvolution Elite Member Community (Priceless...)
Total Value: $23,500
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