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REIvolution Gives You Everything You Need 
to Grow Your Real Estate Venture
Get a Proven 7 Figure Real Estate Investing Podio System that takes the guesswork out of managing your company
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By joining REIvolution you’ll get access to high-value, 
repeatable systems and processes that will help you 
achieve the desired growth rate for your enterprise.
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Mike Hambright, Founder of
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“He who says he can and he who says he can’t 
are both usually right” Confucius
It just saved us so much time and really helped us streamline our Podio system
I want to thank you for putting together an integration and to make available this awesome Podio system. It's great and one of the things that we've struggled with is putting together automated systems for buyers, sellers or campaigns and you guys have thought of so much more that I even thought to put in or implement myself. So thank you so much and I highly recommend it to anybody who's looking for a kick-butt Podio system. - Jim Zaspel, CEO, EZ Homes
The features in it just keep going on and on and on
I just want to give an opinion on the REIvolution software, we've been signed up for probably over 6 months ago and it's top notch, it's exactly what me and my staff were looking for, it gives us all the metrics for everything we need, all the wholesale stuff that we're doing, all the rehab side of it, it keeps track of all the other stuff, the accounting, the features in it just keep going on and on and on. I know that my staff just kicked in yearly numbers and it just simplifies all of it. So if you haven't got on it, I suggest you get on it! - Joe Taylor, PDX Renovations
Matt Garabedian, CEO
Matt Buys Houses, Fresno, CA
150+ Deals / Yr
Next Level Immersion Mastermind
Make high-level decisions based on data and not guessing!
I recently moved over to REIvolution from another CRM. I am very impressed with the capabilities of the system and most importantly the reporting features are fantastic. 
As a CEO of my company, having my KPIs reporting accurately is imperative.
With REIvolution I can have instant reports to assess the health of my business and make high-level decisions based on data and not guessing. If you’re serious about taking your real estate business to the next level you need to check this out right away.
Stay Strong, We Got Your Back
Each Step of the Way
Active Training & Onboarding
We train your team by roles or departments for a smooth transition process and we track and report the progress each step of the way.
Each new system has its learning curve
Getting a business that runs itself is no easy task, that is why our team is very involved in all stages of the implementation process.
Hassle-free upgrade from your current setup
Core software, such as CRM or telephony, is vital to any real estate business and we are proactively aware of that.
That's why we designed fail-safe mechanisms and data migration procedures, that seamlessly work under the hood, for a streamlined and smooth upgrade experience.
Systems backed by a Team of Experts
There’s always a brand-new strategy that it seems all your competitors are using, but you don't have the time and skills to put it together all by yourself.
Technical stuff may overwhelm
That's why we bring expertise from both software and real estate realms, plus a stellar support team with your dedicated account manager.
Gain the Competitive Edge
Systems that Work for You
What if you could streamline every detail of your business’s day-to-day operations with clear and reliable processes?
Dashboard KPI's
What if you could get the freedom to pursue ground-breaking strategies that will unlock exponential growth?
What if you could massively increase your sales and scale your business?
Are You Ready To Finally Succeed 
Without Spending A Fortune?
Forget about getting countless subscriptions and trying to piece those services together for a relevant big picture!
REIvolution Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Manage, Scale and Upgrade Your Real Estate Venture!
Now, I know that you've seen some cool stuff, and there are literally DOZENS of other awesome things I could show you inside of REIvolution that will help you to grow your company...

So, are you excited about REIvolution yet? :) If so, then NOW is the time to take action...
Let Me Show You Everything You'll Get Today When You Join REIvolution Today! 
Podio Advanced System Buildout ($10,000)
Custom Dashboards - CEO, Marketing, Acquisitions ($12,900)
smrtPhone - Integrated Phone System ($600/yr)
 REIvolution Elite Member Community (Priceless...)
Total Value: $23,500
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