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smrtPhone - Business Phone System ($600/yr Value)
Total Value: $2388 / Year
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I'm very impressed with the system
 and I highly recommend it
"The thing I love about REIvolution is the fact that Gabe created it for an actual business, he's a real business owner creating millions of dollars in revenue, so he really knows what it takes to build a CRM platform for these real business owners"

Raphael Vargas, CEO, Ace Equity Pros, Tampa, FL
REIvolution was built by investors
who've been tweaking their 
processes and systems for years
"So when I look at REIvolution and what they've built there, it was built by investors who've been tweaking their processes and their systems for years and have built up one of the largest wholesaling companies in the country"

John Martinez, Owner, Midwest Revenue Group, 
REI Sales Academy, Nixa, MO
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